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Cinema Info

9 February 2024

The Luxe is an award-winning single screen cinema in the heart of the historic town of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and has recently seen a large investment in equipment and furnishings to ensure that the stellar reputation continues to spread. The cinema is situated within the former Women’s Institute Hall on Alexandra Road, and opened on Saturday 14th March 2009. Since then we have been listed in the Top Ten Independent Cinemas within the UK (alongside many of our Picturedrome Cinemas sister sites), been presented awards by Wisbech Town Council and the Wisbech Lions. 

We host the best and brightest of film past and present with regular Event Cinema screenings - such as Ballet, Opera, Dance, Music and Theatre. We love film and when possible we also screen classic films - with appropriate era trailers - and host Q&A sessions with actors, writers and directors (either live on our stage or via Zoom). We also host live music acts, stand-up comedians and even a magic show - on our stage!

There are seats for up to seventy-eight visitors as well as two wheelchair spaces that can accommodate larger, reclined wheelchairs with easier access and and increased turning circle.

The interior of the auditorium offers a comforable and welcoming atmosphere, where you can cosy up and relax on either a deluxe seat or a twin sofa to watch films in the utmost comfort. Alongside the comfort comes top notch visuals (Phosphor Laser Projection) and sound (Dolby 7.1 via JML Speakers).

As we try to keep costs down we do not allow outside food or drink into the cinema and politely request that guests respect this. If the Luxe Team do find you have brought food/drink in, we may ask for you to return your outside food to your vehicle, or keep it behind the bar for collection when leaving your film. 

Viewing a film at the Luxe is an experience unlike anything you’ve had at a multiplex.






56 Standard Seats 

7 Twin Sofas (Seating 2 Guests)

4 Twin Sofas (Seating 2 Guests)


Audio Description Icon

   = Accessible By Wheelchair     = Descriptive Subtitle Facilities     201-2017953_audio-icon-png-audio-description-transparent-png = Audio Description Available

Cinema Box Office: 01945 588808

Please note the Box Office is manned during cinema opening hours only (usually opening half an hour before the first film of the day and closing fifteen minutes after the last film ends). We may be unable to answer your call when staff are busy. 

If you're unable to get through via phone, you can leave a voicemail or use our online form: HERE

Getting Here

The Luxe Cinema is located a few minutes walk from Wisbech town centre, and has two large - free to park - car parks near by.
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Post Code: PE13 1HQ 
By Car
We do not have our own dedicated car parking facilities, but the Church Terrace car park is closest and has a limited amount of disabled parking spaces available. Somers Road car park is the next nearest, with a passageway from it to Alexandra Road being the most direct route from the car park to the cinema.
By Bicycle
Cycle Racks are available at the front of the cinema covered by CCTV at all times. Please Note: The Management Accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to bicycles left here.
By Bus
We are a five minute walk from Wisbech Bus Station. The easiest route is through Town Centre, down past the museum and onto Love Lane which ends just opposite the cinema. Alternatively through Town Centre towards the Clarkson Memorial, down Post Office Lane and then left down Alexandra Road (this route is Step Free).


We are committed to offering maximum accessibility and we strive to provide facilities that meet the requirements of all our customers.


Autism and Sensory Friendly Screenings

These Screenings are intended to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people on the autism spectrum as well as those with other sensory needs. We adjust the whole cinema environment, as follows:

  • Lights are left on a mid-setting 
  • Sound levels are a bit lower 
  • There are no adverts or trailers, with the film starting at the advertised time 
  • Hand dryers and loud music are turned off throughout the building 
  • There is a relaxed attitude to noise made by guests enjoying their film
  • Our bar area is a chill out zone to step into and take a break if needed 
  • The team have undertaken training to help you where needed, but also will stay out of the way until asked 
  • Finally, we welcome guests to change seating during the performance if needed and if you have a specific snack/drink that we do not offer, we allow outside refreshments under this circumstance. 

You can find our Upcoming Autism and Sensory Friendly Screenings HERE


Descriptive Subtitle Screenings

Screenings with Descriptive Subtitles are held regularly - usually on a Monday, at times that are appropriate to the main target audience, for the benefit of audiences who are d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 


These clearly display dialogue and essential sound cues on screen for viewers to fully appreciate their film. Our sound levels are also slightly lower on these screenings. We have touch menus available for most over our snacks and drinks - as well as to assist with booking of tickets - alongside notepads if needed. 


Recently we have taken steps to try and ensure that ALL trailers for films also feature captioning. Unfortunately, not all trailers have captioned versions available, so sometimes we are only able to feature one or two. Currently, the pre-trailer advertisements are NOT captioned, but we are assured that this may change soon. 

You can find our Upcoming Descriptive Subtitle Screenings HERE


Audio Description Headsets

Audio Description is offered on the majority of our standard film screenings. To access this - simply speak to the Box Office team who will be able to provide a set of headphones that will give the wearer access to a wireless audio system that delivers both Hearing Impaired audio (HI) for hard-of-hearing guests, and Visually Impaired Narration (VI) for Blind or visually impaired guests. The headset can also be paired to a Hearing Aid by using the T channel as you would with a Hearing Loop system.


We have four sets of wireless headphones available for free use during performances. When in use, the headset can provide a HI or VI stream to both ears, or you can adjust the volume on each ear using the individual volume control dials. Headsets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be returned to the Box Office when leaving.


For our standard New Release Screenings, there's a very high chance that we will have an audio description track that can be transmitted for the show. Event Cinema and Classic Films are less likely to be supplied with/have Audio Description. Please check with us before travelling if audio description is available for your chosen screening.


Assistance Dogs

We welcome Assistance Dogs at the Luxe, but do ask that you let us know as soon as possible to ensure that you get a suitable seating area for your dog to be comfortable. If attending a Descriptive Subtitle Screening, the volume is purposefully lowered to be better for those with implants and this can be a more comfortable environment for assistance dogs also.

We will gladly provide drinking water, on request. 

If you'd prefer to leave your dog with the team, we can accomodate that. Just let us know how we can best help.


Hearing Loop

We have a Hearing Loop unit at the Box Office which allows guests with a hearing aid to switch to the T Setting and have clearer conversations with the Box Office Team. 


Accessing the Building Via Wheelchair

The Cinema is wheelchair accessible via portable ramp that we will place on the front of the building on arrival (unless booked or notified in advance, in which case it will be ready and waiting when you arrive). If you are reluctant to book in advance OR if you are intending on transferring to a seat and not needing a Wheelchair Space we recommend calling and speaking to the team or leaving a voicemail (or alternatively messaging us via the contact form) to let us know that you are attending and that you would like the ramp in place, so we can have that ready.


Accessible/Gender Neutral Restroom

Accessible Restroom facilities are available close to the Auditorium Door and are open to all. These facilities are generally single occupancy and Gender Neutral but are also suitable for family groups and those who would require a more accessible space. There are hand rails in place throughout, a low sink and paddles on the flusher and taps as well as space to transfer from the right hand side of the toilet basin.


Wheelchair Access to Auditorium

The front three rows of the auditorium are all on one level, with designated wheelchair spaces at the end of Rows C and D. There is also room to transfer from a wheelchair to any of the seats on the very front row. Row D's space has a small platform next to it which can be useful if extra equipment, bags or gas cylinders are needing to be stowed during the performance. A power supply can be made available on Row C or D - just let the team know as soon as possible ahead of your visit to ensure that this is arranged (either by telephone on 01945 588808 or via our Online Contact Form: HERE)



There are handrails on both sides of the auditorium to aid those with limited mobility, as well as on the stairs up to the Premier Seating, and a small sloped section has been added to the step area by the fire escape to assist in the event of the need to evacuate the premises.


Seating Dimensions

Here you will find specific dimensions of our different seating options within our auditorium as well as the seating in our Bar Area.


Single Seats

These individual seats - in rows of either eight or ten - are secured to the floor and have fixed arm rests, which incorporate a cup stand at the end. The single seats have tall seat backs, with lumbar support and are covered in a faux leather.


  • Seat to Floor: 460mm
  • Depth of Seat: 480mm
  • Width of Seat: 460mm
  • Height of Seat Back: 710mm

Leg Room: Approximately 520mm on all rows. Our Front Row has a walkway, so this has extra legroom when that's not in use.

Rows A-C are on one level, with a dedicated wheelchair space (C9)

Rows D-F have stepped access, with handrails on each side and a dedicated wheelchair space (D9)


Standard Sofa Seating

Our Standard Sofas seat up to two guests, have arm rests as well as swing trays that incorporate a cup holder into them. These have less back support than our standard single seating, but do come with a cushion. The sofas are covered with faux leather and the cushions are fabric.


  • Seat to Floor: 360-400mm (the seat pads are softer than our single seats, and have a little more give)
    Depth of Seat: 560mm 
    Width of Seat: 1080mm (made up of two 540mm seat pads)
  • Height of Seat Back: 560mm
  • Clearance between Table Tray and Seat Pad: 250mm-300mm (again depending on the give)

Leg Room: Approximately 450mm (Extra Legroom on H1 and H8 due to not having a seat directly in front)


Premium Sofa Seating

Our Premium Sofas have higher sides for more privacy - but this means there are no arm rests available on these seats. There is a free standing table allocated to each sofa that can be placed wherever the guest prefers, or left in place. Each sofa is a twin sofa seating up to two guests, and are also covered in faux leather and come with fabric cushions.


  • Seat to Floor: 360-400mm (the seat pads are softer than our single seats, and have a little more give)
  • Depth of Seat: 560mm 
  • Width of Seat: 1080mm (made up of two 540mm seat pads)
  • Height of Seat Back: 600mm

Leg Room: Approximately 700mm (although depending on how tables are placed, this can be limited)


Bar Seating Area

We have two types of seat in our bar area, single chair and sofa. These are covered in a spill proof fabric and all have firm seat pads, backs and arm rests.

Single Bar Seat Dimensions

  • Seat to Floor: 440mm
  • Depth of Seat: 450mm 
  • Width of Seat: 540mm
  • Height of Seat Back: 340mm

Bar Sofa Seat Dimensions 

  • Seat to Floor: 440mm 
  • Depth of Seat: 450mm 
  • Width of Seat: 1340mm 
  • Height of Seat Back: 340mm

How To Claim A Free Ticket for an Essential Carer Companion

We welcome the use of The Cinema Exibitors' Association Card (CEA). 

This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to an extra ticket, free of charge, for a carer/companion to make. If you are in receipt of disability living allowance, attendance allowance or are registered blind, you are entitled to a free cinema ticket for the carer accompanying you.

You just need to apply for a card on their website: CEA Card and show it when you come to the cinema. Please note this is not available for Special Events, only films.


If We've Missed Anything, Do Get in Touch

If you have any access requirements, please contact the team in advance and we can advise you on the best seating options and to ensure your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We are always happy to make a visit to our cinema both possible and exceptional.

Our team have been trained in welcoming those with a range of needs and we look forward to seeing you.


The Luxe Cinema Accessibility information on AccessAble - HERE





Adult (15+)

Standard Seating



Child (14 and Under)

Standard Seating



Twin Sofa

(2 Seats - Rows G&H)



Luxury Twin Sofa

(2 Seats - Row I)



* The cost of certain performances (such as Live events, Opera, Ballet, Music & Theatre) may vary. Please check individual performances for pricing. 


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